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Invited Speakers

16th January
11:30 hrs
Rangasamy Karunanithi, IISc
Planar inductor based eddy-current sensors for cryogenic instrumentation
V. V. Rao,
IIT Kharagpur
High Tc superconducting Power devices-an overview
16:00 hrs
Anup Choudhury, IUAC
Efficient operation of Kilowatt class helium refrigerator and associated systems
Rajender Singh,
University of Hyderabad
Flux pinning mechanisms and critical current density in Superconductors
Anindya Chakravarty, BARC
Conceptualization and preliminary studies on the development of a 2K refrigeration system at BARC
17th January
11:00 hrs
Vipul Tanna,
Effects of Impurities Contents on the Performance of Helium Cryogenics System of SST-1
Soumen Kar, IUAC
Development of High Homogeneity and High Stability 1.5T Superconducting MRI Magnet System for Whole Body
Clinical Scanner
Alok Shrivastava, URSC(ISRO)
Spacecraft and Cryogenic cooling
11:30 hrs
Kanchan Chowdhury, IIT Kharagpur
Production and handling of high pressure oxygen
18th January
11:00 hrs
Arup Bandyopadhyay, VECC
Superconducting Systems for Particle Accelerators in VECC
Parthasarathi Ghosh, IIT Kharagpur
Issues of two-phase flow in cryogenic systems